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maxx anderson

- Confidence Coach -


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With over three decades of entrepreneurial and business building wisdom, my goal is to motivate with enthusiasm to optimize your most valuable assets – your vision, values, strengths, and talents. I encourage everyone to be the best they can be and I hope to inspire you to take action on your goals.

I enjoy spending my time teaching leadership skills and doing confidence coaching along with offering consulting for small women owned businesses. I look forward providing another resource to help educate young entrepreneurs on the basics of business growth, using several simple success principles. My diverse background enables me to provide confidence coaching that goes deeper than just the surface.

Knowledge is power but ..........ACTION IS KEY!


I work with Purpose-driven women to build their confidence to network & grow relationships to expand opportunities for themselves and their purpose.



I have been a lifelong entrepreneur, starting at the age of 11 selling “Grit” Newspapers, and I've made a life out of setting and achieving goals.

I opened my first fitness center in the late 90's and expanded within 12 months to become one of Sault Ste. Marie's most successful gyms on record - maintaining an active membership of over 1000 people.

I also opened the Sault's first yoga studio and teach yoga classes to this day.

I am a top producing six figure Real Estate Agent, and I will share with you my very own success strategy of moving with intention & taking action to bloom where you are planted!



Community Advocate

Community is everything. I am incredibly passionate about our city and the advancement of its members. I am a director on the War Memorial Hospital Board and have been serving for 3+ years; recently being renewed for another term. I am also a Chamber Board member serving on the membership and marketing committees.

I facilitate the local Women In Business (WIB) organization as well as participate in the international group. These WIB groups work to instill women with confidence in their roles as business people.



Fitness Professional

I am a 30 year veteran in the fitness and wellness industry, starting at the age of 18 as a certified fitness instructor, personal trainer & yoga instructor.

I spent 15 years at Lake Superior State University (LSSU) as an adjunct professor for health & fitness teaching the RA classes.

Maxx motivates her audiences similar to the way she teaches her classes: with her contagious enthusiasm to optimize their most valuable assets - their vision, values, strengths and talents. Her motto of move with Intention is one of her key phrases she uses over and over when encouraging those around her to be the best they can be.  She and her husband Steve have been married for 30 years both of their children have played professional football , each reaching NFL status.

Maxx brings 30 years of business experience to her clients and audiences. Passionate, and a woman with grit, she is inspiring and motivational but most of all desires to see those around her succeed! Whether it’s affirmation or coaching you’re looking for, Maxx delivers a message for growth and success.


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